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About us

UAB „LHP LT“ - the official representatives of the „Brofer“ recuperators and their equipment in the whole Lithuania who are engaged in the wholesale trade. We have warehouses in Vilnius, Kaunas and Klaipėda, there we support a wide range of recuperators and materials for its installation. The range is very wide, so we will find a solution for the ventilation system for each of your developed projects, we will share all the experience gained in solving technical and design issues for successful implementation of the tasks.
High-Efficiency Systems

Why choose us


FASTPIPE vamzdžiai

Naujiena! FASTPIPE lankstūs kondicionierių vamzdžiai itin greitam ir kokybiškam montavimui


We are the only official Brother recuperators representatives all over Lithuania, we supply high quality ventilation materials.

Roll Air System

We supply flexible, 100% anti-static, antibacterial, anti-fungal ducts that are recognized as the world well known Sanitized Certificate.

Why recuperators are important?


The quality of the air we breathe at home often falls due to various pollutants, which also create an unpleasant smell and affecting our health. Paint, alcohol vapor, dust are just some of the major pollutants which “lives” with us, because we can’t separate them from our breathing air. We try to solve this problem by opening windows, doors, drafts, and there is a high chance to get sick. Winter we also generate large heat losses, increasing our heating bills. New technologies designed to save energy and can change the word “air” meaning. „Brofer“ recuperators with counterflow heat exchangers heats the air into our environment, save warm, improves quality of life, and adds additional value to your real estate.