Air-air heat pump L66


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Kita-Air units are the best Air to Air solution to produce Heating and Cooling inside internal space, for example warehouse, factory, greenhouses, etc. Allow to avoid the hydraulic circuit and the installation between indoor and outdoor units is simple, immediate and cheap. Thanks to high air moved is guaranteed the necessary air renovation and proper conditioning of inner spaces.

They are composed by external standard Kita Air-Water split, L66 version, with all theirs advantages, special design and 40 Kw heating capacity compressor.

To external unit is combined, by refrigerant lines, an internal unit with aero thermal function and design. This is very silent and is able to dissipate all heating / cooling power.

Without water exchange these units have very high performances and efficiency, and reduce ice formation problem during cold period.

In harmony with the philosophy of Templari products, the generous dimensioning of the indoor unit allows to obtain in any condition the maximum efficiency and maximum comfort, particulary in terms of noise impact, extremly limited, thanks to the use of a special fan inverter low number of revolutions.
Moreover, thanks to the outdoor unit Kita, the operation is insured up to outside air temperature of -33°C.

In these types of structures are generally used conventional heating systems such as air heaters, diesel or other fuels, which have high power consumption, low efficiency and can’t cool and finally they are very noisy because they have traditional fans obsolete.
VRF alternative, which occasionally is proposed, is difficult to be used due to the fact that there are no commercially available units with power and features for these applications, as they are designed for structures of large size such as hotels, offices, shopping centers.

Innovation of Kita Air consists in proposing a product until now non-existent in the field of air conditioning for industry, in particular sheds and stores, with an high ease of installation, management and economically much more advantageous.

 Ref. Temperature U.M. Nominal Working Conditions Maximal Working Conditions
External 12°C / Internal 20°C Heating capacity kW 29.00 42.00
COP 6.50 4.50
External 7°C / Internal 20°C Heating capacity kW 26.50 39.00
COP 5.40 4.34
External 2°C / Internal 20°C Heating capacity kW 23.45 35.00
COP 5.00 4.00
External -7°C / Internal 20°C Heating capacity kW 19.00 28.00
COP 4.00 3.35
External 35°C / Internal 27°C Cooling capacity kW 27.00 42.0
EER 5.50 4.80