AUX Cassette MULTISPLIT Air conditioner



Quiet and efficient, AUX Cassette Units are ideal for commercial interiors with suspended ceilings,
such as offices, conference rooms, restaurants and retail spaces. Thanks to the 360° perimeter air technology and the rapid cooling/heating function, they can provide comfortable conditions in every corner of the air-conditioned room.
Additional outlets at the corners of the panel allow air to be supplied in all directions, avoiding the formation of zones
with uneven temperature distribution. The perimeter air supply technology ensures a 360° flow of cooled air and guarantees efficient air conditioning even in large spaces.
The built-in high-pressure drainage pump can lift condensate water to a height of 1200 mm. The housing has fresh air
opening on the side, with a maximum fresh air volume of up to 10% of the supply air volume


Additional information

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Šaldymas/Šildymas 3.52kW/3.81kW, Šaldymas/Šildymas 5.28kW/5.6kW, Šaldymas/Šildymas 7kW/8kW

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