Mini recuperator RUCTS 60m3 / h


Mini recuperator 60m3 / h is controlled by a remote control

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RUCTS is an energy recovery fan that draws polluted air outside and supplies fresh air to the room. The extracted air is regenerated in a ceramic heat exchanger and returned to the fresh air system. Equipped with high efficiency energy saving EC fans. The concept of reducing heating costs and the concept of air conditioning due to “heat recovery” are maintained. The ceramic heat exchanger has a thermal efficiency of up to 90% with high performance.

Mini recuperator with air flow 60m3 / h

Noise level at maximum speed (3m) – 23dB (A)

Noise level at minimum speed (3m) – 13dB (A)

Operating temperature range: -20 to +50 0 C

Electric power – 8.9W (230 V)

Length adjustment from 250mm to 500mm

is possible

Filters G3-2 pcs

Remote control, control integration possible with other RUCTS recuperators


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