Air/Water Heat Pumps – R290 Monoblocks AUX


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High power output

– 100% efficiency without power reduction at outdoor temperatures – 7°C.
– Hot water supply at +80°C, -10°C outside

Explosion protection

Sealed electric control box, High pressure sensor
separated from the leaking refrigerant

Noise reduction
– The compressor is wrapped in sound-absorbing materials. With sound deadening materials inside
– The fan with curved edges of the impeller has an appropriate angle to reduce swirl noise
– Unique grilles reduce wind resistance
– Cotton soundproofing in sound-emitting areas
– External unit noise up to 35 dB at 3 metres

8 room control:









Control by phone

Setting parameters, requesting power consumption, holiday mode, etc.

Precise temperature control by phone

– Real-time control of the opening/closing of the underfloor heating mixing valve
– Water temperature control ±0.5°C Parameter setting, power consumption query, holiday mode

Parallel connection of multiple devices


8 units operating simultaneously Maximum power 128kW





Rotation of installations

Ensures that each outdoor installation
the running time is uniform






Relevant EU standards and legislation:
EN14511; EN14825; EN50564; EN12102;


(EU) No 811:2013; (EU) No 813:2013; OJ 2014/C 207/02:2014.

1. Outdoor temperature 7⁰C DB, 85% R.H.; EWT 30⁰C, LWT 35⁰C.
2. Outdoor temperature 7⁰C DB, 85% R.H.; EWT 47⁰C, LWT 55⁰C.
3. Outdoor temperature 35⁰C DB; EWT 12⁰C, LWT 7⁰C.



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